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Argentine-Style Outdoor Barbecue Grill Rack 
What's the best steak you've ever tasted?

    Once I went to a Argentine restaurant and had a knockout steak. It was fabulous.  Curiosity was killing me so I asked to see the kitchen and they took me back to see the setup.  The grill included a specially designed rack that looked to me like a straight up angle iron grate over an open fire.

    How simple is that? I was intrigued.  I found out later that the whole angle iron deal was actually started by the Gaucho's of Argentina who built these simple angle iron contraptions to grill meat over their open fires without causing flareups and burned dinner.  Simple.

    I looked around for a simple Argentine grill setup and was shocked at the prices.  5, 10, 20 GRAND? Seriously?  You can spend $20,000?!!! Yup.  Crazy expensive. So I decided that I could probably build one of them myself, and I did...

...And in no time I started making the best meat I'd ever tasted!  After some experimentation I was able to build and all stainless steel grill rack* that gave me all the benefits of an authentic Argentine style grill and sat easily on the top of my existing gas grill.

      The unique design of these simple racks just makes sense.  The angle iron is pitched up in the back so grease and liquids run off away from the fire rather than dripping down.  The moisture level, flavor and shear grilling pleasure is off the charts, particularly with steaks, pork, chicken fish....and even burgers!

Then I really started having fun.  The upward pitch of the grill in the back allowed me to slide a tray of wood chips underneath for instant smoking on my gas grill.  Seriously...I was getting some intense smoke flavoring in minutes rather than investing the hours needed for a regular smoker.  In 5 minutes.

                                                 Wanna taste?

    Gaucho Grill + Wood Fire Grilling Kit = Grilling heaven!  Order now and get a fabulous grill that I'll guarantee for life and  a disposable aluminum fire tray plus seven (7) varieties of wood (Apple, Alder, Cherry, Hickory, Oak, Mesquite and Pecan) for creating wood smoke flavor in minutes, not hours.  In the time it takes to grill anything you can create Argentine masterpieces..right from the grilling setup you have now!


Make the best meat you've ever tasted every day!

*Choice of Stainless or Regular Steel.
This product is US Patent-Pending.

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